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  • AGC expands product line-up of fluorinated sulfonic acid ion exchange membrane "FORBLUE™ S-series

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AGC expands the product line-up of fluorinated sulfonic acid ion exchange membrane "FORBLUE™ S-series"


AGC Chemicals company is expanding its product line-up of fluorinated sulfonic acid ion exchange membrane "FORBLUE™ S-series". These membrane grades altogether are targeted to various applications related to electrolysis and electro-dialysis for the purpose of separating chemicals. The new additions are following within a red frame.

Needs for separation technologies are increasing worldwide. Applications such as water electrolysis and storage batteries for instance, are growing along with the trend for utilization of renewable energy and hydrogen. In order to contribute to this current trend, AGC will commit itself to continue providing functional solutions to meet the expanding needs for chemical separation, under the functional brand “FORBLUE™”.


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